No dunk is impossible!


Slam Dunk

No dunk is impossible!

Do you like basketball, do you like trampolines? Then Slam Dunk is your dream sport! At Altitude Madrid we combine basketball with trampolines in our Trampoline Park in Madrid.

Jump higher, dunk spectacularly and compete with your friends in a safe and exciting environment. It’s the perfect way to enjoy basketball like never before.

Slam Dunk combines basketball with the fun of trampolines. Jump high, dunk spectacularly and compete with your friends on a court designed to maximise the excitement.

This attraction is perfect for basketball lovers and those who enjoy jumping on trampolines. Kids, teens and adults will find this activity exciting and fun.

Playing Slam Dunk at Altitude Madrid will improve your fitness, jumping skills and coordination. Plus, it’s an exciting way to enjoy basketball and perform impressive moves.

Feel like a real basketball star doing the craziest dunks you can imagine!

Slam Dunk | Altitude Madrid

Slam Dunk | Altitude Madrid

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