Don't let the ball hit you!



Don't let the ball hit you!

Relive your childhood days with a fun game of dodgeball with your friends, family or work colleagues.

Form teams and compete in a game full of energy and strategy. It’s a perfect activity for groups, ideal for strengthening bonds and enjoying a fun-filled moment.

The rules and operation of dodgeball are very simple: players must dodge and throw balls to eliminate members of the opposing team, all on a safe and supervised court.

This activity is ideal for groups of friends, families and teams. Anyone who enjoys a competitive, action-packed game can participate and have fun.

Playing dodgeball will help you improve your agility, coordination and teamwork. Plus, it’s a great way to release stress and enjoy some friendly competition.

Put your reflexes to the test and dodge the balls they throw at you with your most spectacular jumps!

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