Superhero stunts


Airbag acrobatics

Superhero stunts

It is a bird? It is a plane?

No! It is you flying in each jump towards our airbag!

Enjoy the most acrobatic landings in our airbag jump attraction and feel like a real superhero.

Unleash the acrobat in you! In our Trampoline park in Madrid, you can enjoy acrobatic jumping, defying gravity and performing spectacular acrobatics in the air. Feel the adrenaline rush as you fly and pirouette, with the safety of landing on a cushioned surface – ideal for those looking to soar to new heights!

Equipped with trampolines and safe platforms, you can jump and perform flips and spins in the air, before landing on a giant airbag to ensure your safety.

It’s perfect for people of all ages who want to try something new and exciting. From energetic kids to adults looking for an adrenaline rush, this activity is ideal for anyone who wants to defy gravity.

As well as being great fun, it will help you improve your coordination, balance and confidence.

Airbag acrobatics in Madrid | Altitude Madrid

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